Our own Freiburgshapers Garden!


The official event for presenting the 100sqm gardening space to Global Shapers Freiburg and to the other organizations took place on the 14th of July 2022 at the garden premises in the Sankt Georgen neighbourhood of Freiburg.

Representing the city of Freiburg, the Mayor fo Freiburg Mr. Martin Haag, along with Mr. Klaus Binder of the citizens’ association St. Georgen, and Mrs. Jutta Herrmann-Burkart – the head of the green spaces department of the garden was also present. Representing the Global Shapers Freiburg Hub, Okello and Minsara were present.

The event consisted of a welcoming and introduction session followed by a session on exchanging ideas among the organisations and the city. This included explaining the future plan for their respective gardens by each organisation, and also suggestions and ideas from the city officials.

Following the discussions, a tour was done of the garden spaces. During the tour of the Freiburg hub garden, the attendees were very interested in the non-regional plants such as Okra that were growing well in our garden.

Okello and Minsara also took the opportunity to thank the city officials for presenting the garden to be utilized by the Global Shapers Freiburg Hub for our ‘Urban Gardening’. They also spoke about the past project and also current projects that are being carried out by the hub. 

An online article from Badische Zeitung with further details of the event can also be found here: Link