Green Academy 2022


The Green Academy – a yearly event organized by the Carl-Schurz-Haus Freiburg, was held from 01.08.2022 till 07.08.2022 at Studienhaus Weisnick in Buchenbach, Freiburg. The attendees for this year’s Academy consisted of children ranging from years 8 to 16. The Global Shapers Freiburg Hub was assigned the afternoon session of 02.08.2022 to educate and inform the kids about the importance of a Sustainable World. Representing the Hub, Soha, Rachit, and Minsara were present at the event.

The presentation consisted of 4 different parts. First, Rachit and Soha introduced themselves and posted pictures of our lives and childhood, to engage with kids and break the ice. The second part consisted of teaching the kids basics about climate change, why is our planet warming and why renewable energy is necessary. The third part was about the different types of renewable technologies with some engineering to which the kids responded well and had some very interesting questions. After that, there was a round of easy questions to summarize all the information they had just learned about renewables. Finally, some information about sustainable development and the SDGs were presented to wrap up the first half of the afternoon session.

The second half of the evening session consisted of playing games. The games were based on what the children learnt during the morning session and the information regarding renewable energy and sustainable development goals presented by Soha and Rachit during the first half of the afternoon session. The kids were separated into 2 main groups according to their age.

The group of older kids were divided into two groups to compete against each other in a game of Jeopardy with 4 categories: Climate change, Technology, Politics and World trends. They had the chance to pick the category and level of the question they needed to answer. Both teams were engaged well in the game and showed a lot of competitiveness. The final scores were very close which left everyone satisfied with the game. 

The group of children below the age of 11 played an adaptation of the game “Jungle Speed”, which incorporated the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The game was able to provide an insight into the 17 SDGs in a fun, playful manner.